Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Planned? Or 'Pot Luck'!

Peoples choice of vacations, holidays, whatever term you wish to use, may vary considerably depending on many issues. Current family structure, mortgage commitments, credit availability are just a few situations which can have a bearing on the extent of pending vacations. Believe it or not though, people spend more time planning holidays than they spend planning their lives, leading me to the adage, "People who fail to plan, plan to fail!"

Some people go to the extent of commiting themselves to Time-share holidays, modified in recent decades by moving away from 'fixed-time' to more flexible arrangements, but still lending itself to a more planned scenario. While this can be good for some, others believe in the more flexible style where they might be caravanners, like the 'Blue Nomads' in the older age groups, or the young who will take cheaper accommodation like back-packer, saving their coin to enjoy facilities adjacent to their lodgings.

There are other organised groups that provide a point system in that seasonal differences, along with rated accomodation, hotel, resort, motel can mean the difference between a week at one or 3 days at another for the same expenditure of points. Similar to Time-share, purchase of 'units' is required and an annual maintenance fee is also generally involved. Some of the resorts etc that are involved with these groups are well worth the unit purchase as they can normally be 'swapped around', that is you can use your points, or time in the case of time-share, to re-locate yourself every year to several different locations in your own country or others.

Online there are also facilities to help you estimate your vacation times and places, perhaps even a cruise, and 'Holidays and Cash' is one such commodity.
http://www.holidaysandcash.com/ronfred For a small annual fee, you are provided with a website from which you can avail yourself of several choices for your next vacation, overseas trips for whatever reason, bargain packages of flights and extended stays, add to that the membership benefits including 'earning your week away' for conferencing with your collegues.

Vacations and holidays are meant to be enjoyed! Planning them is maybe not the most important thing you should ever be doing, but nevertheless your mortgage and credit worries should be set aside, or planned so that they fit in with vacation needs, for your families sake.(And yours)
Whatever your choices are for holidays, make sure THEY ARE HOLIDAYS, not fitted into a business trip or PART OF A GOLF TRIP! Ensure the whole family enjoys the time away, not just the parents (or one parent, for that matter)

Bless you all, take care as you travel, love your country and please don't litter.

Ronald F Hird

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vacations! How? Can we?

Vacations; not what they used to be!

How many times have you considered, "This is when we should be on vacation!"
but too many obstacles were in your way? Things such as choice of location;
availability of funds; will it be hotels of motels that we stay in or should we go to a
resort. Where do you go for 'Travel Tickets'? Should we look for 'Cheap Flights' by
downloading Airline offers, or just ring a Travel Agent? Are rental Cars needed?
Has my credit card got enough to cover all this?

Are you aware that you can get around these issues and actually have whatever
you need at your fingertips, so to speak, with 'where to go' and 'how to travel'
being no more than a click away?

Come for a journey back in time, several years ago in fact.To when I can recall my
father putting a frame over a trailer, stacking the trailer with camping gear, my mum
and 4 children in the 1928 Standard Coventry Tourer and travelling 75/80 miles (as
it was then) to a crowded beach-side camping area. We'd stay there for 2 weeks, in
fairly primitive conditions, enjoying the company of 'neighbours' on and off the beach.
The trailer had canvas over the frame, that was my parents' bedroom, we would be
on camp stretchers, in a tent, hoping they would not collapse. They were good times

That was when I gave birth to the urge to travel, the thought smouldering for decades
before I really began to fulfill those desires; but the more modern methods of vacation
are nothing like those related to earlier! Methods of travel now much more comfortable,
convenient, accessible than back then; places to go are more within reach of most
willing to obtain tickets, which can include both fares and accomodation; ability to afford
more distant destinations, where climatic conditions can be so much more preferable
to those being left behind.

Online facilities to not only find access to thousands of hotels, resorts and cruises in
most countries in the world, are also supplemented by bargain deals not necessarily
available to the general public. "Really?", you ask. I can answer,"Definately!"
And it's all available from 'Holidays and Cash', a site which can provide information on
900,000 hotels and motels in 5 different languages, access to cruise information, if that
is your desire; add to this the fact that if you wish, you have the opportunity to earn an
income by showing your friends and family this same source of travel availabilty.

Picture yourself laying back, studying the blue sky at your chosen location, most likely
much cheaper than you thought possible; much easier to find and arrange than ever before.
So there you have it, YOU can easily avoid the hassles of running around SEARCHING
for that elusive vacation, it'll all be in 'your own backyard', your OWN WEBSITE! No
longer do you have those issues previously indicated as a probable obstacle to enjoying
the Holiday of a Lifetime; you may even wish to make it a PERMANENT HOLIDAY!

Enjoy recreation, It's your right to do so.

Ronald F Hird